Meet our team!

Magis Asset Management maintains all of the apartments that are offered on this website. We aim to keep our residents satisfied by being approachable and involved. Our tenants always come first; they are the center of our business.

“A pleasant living experience is living in a safe and trusted environment, where there is room for meeting and social contact.”

Connecting our residents

We believe it is important to connect our residents with each other, that’s why we offer more than just an apartment. Solidarity is a key term for Magis Asset Management. We achieve this by, for example, organizing events in our communal areas, like meet-up days and barbecues.

All of our complexes have communal areas equipped with stuff like dart boards, boardgames, common kitchens, soccer tables and so on. Some of our complexes even have their own gym! By offering these facilities, we give our tenants the opportunity to get together on their own initiative.

Top notch service!

Our team is working every day to improve your living experience. When residents have a problem, our friendly and handy service engineers can help them with most of their problems. This can range from hanging a painting or changing a light bulb, to fixing a broken door or a leak!

Another service that we provide is assistance during a lock out. When a resident locks him- or herself out, Magis Asset Management can be contacted to assist with a lock-out procedure, also outside of office hours! Check our support-page for more information.

If you ever need our assistance, just call or send a message!

How can we assist you?

We're always happy to help you with your problems and questions. Here at Magis Asset Management, we will try our best to keep our service level as high as possible.